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Caprese Summer

#microfarm caprese
#microfarm caprese

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This morning I picked one last San Marzano before yanking my spent tomato plants from the garden. It was a beautiful overcast day with the temp in SoCal finally dipping to a reasonable 75 degrees. I basked in the raindrop I thought I felt while standing outside coated in sunscreen.

This year I was blessed with some excellent tomato harvests. When I left for my Italy vacation in May, the little tomato plants I had stuck in the ground in March were just starting to get big. Many already had fruit on the verge of ripening. The thought of being away from them for 16 days was dispiriting. I was comforted only by the prospect of traipsing through Tuscany clothed in something cute and mildly practical, sipping local wines, and taking in the astounding scenery alongside my beloved. Continue reading Caprese Summer

Oysters, guilt-free food

Raw Oyster
delicious raw oyster I picked off the beach

I recently spent some vacation time on the waters of Hood Canal in Washington State. Hood Canal is a long, narrow fjord with a crook shaped end called The Great Bend. That’s where I was. In the land of oysters.

When I was small I spent a lot of time in the waters of the nearby Puget Sound where I grew up. Hours passed quickly in the salt water swimming with my sister. We should have gills. There was so much to do! We were slaves to a minus tide, which offered a sandbar for barefoot play. The giant rock adjacent to our bulkhead was treated as base camp for landing and leaping. And of course there was the time honored tradition of carefully adorning ourselves with seaweed to create monstrous medusa costumes that could be worn on the beaches and swing sets of Lowman Park. Continue reading Oysters, guilt-free food