If you overfeed your chickens, will they explode?

Did you ever have goldfish? If so, you probably received advice at some point about feeding them. You were told to take particular caution to not overfeed them. A goldfish will clean it’s plate (or bowl as the case may be) and whatever else you give it next. You may have been told that your goldfish could explode if it ate too much. Not a pretty picture.

Watching my chickens go about their day I sometimes wonder if they eat too much. It doesn’t seem to matter what time it is or how many snacks they’ve already had. Betty and Margot are always ready for more.

They are rambunctious in the morning. I open the coop to give them some yard time most days before I leave for work.

It’s just the two of them and they do everything together; eat, sleep, groom, and bury themselves in the dirt. They follow each other around the Microfarm like a couple of high school girls.

Chickens in the yard
So, where to next?

Last week The Husband brewed beer, a regular occurrence around here and one that produces a hefty pile of compost and chicken treats. After the spent grain from the mash has cooled a portion is plopped outside the coop.

Chickens eating spent beer grain
Brew day goodies

Betty and Margot LOVE beer grain. They also love pellets, scratch (the chicken equivalent of Pringles), seeds, toast, frozen vegetables, stumps of romaine, and weeds. They follow me around looking for treats. They even peck my jewelry which makes me feel super loved and special.

The chickens get plenty of exercise to burn off those weeds and grains. They work up an appetite fighting over food. They flap and jump around the yard. They take turns standing outside the coop, bawking.

Unlike goldfish they appear to be self regulating when it comes to food intake. And certainly all the flapping and bawking helps.

So far, no one has exploded on the Microfarm.