Saving seeds; rave reviews for yellow cherry tomatoes

Have I mentioned my yellow cherry tomatoes? I planted one Sunsugar plant this year and it exploded with delicious tomatoes. I’ve enjoyed many mornings in the garden eating these tasty, sweet, yellow fruits right off the vine. In my bathrobe. My chickens love them too, as do friends, coworkers and neighbors. Do they wear their bathrobes when enjoying the tomatoes? I didn’t ask.

The Sunsugars have been so popular I decided to try to save some seeds for next year. Feeling super inspired I looked around the web for help. (I’m a seed-saving virgin.) There is a lot of information out there.  I consulted this website for method. It specifically recommends saving seeds from open-pollinated varieties, not hybrids. Then I looked at the little garden marker that came with the baby plant I originally purchased. It’s an F1 Hybrid. My Google research turned up many articles on this topic. While there are discussions with arguments for and against planting seeds from F1 Hybrids, I concluded that it’s not worth the risk. I don’t have a humongous amount of planting area to experiment.  So I’m saving the garden marker instead.  I hope to find this same plant next year. Until then, we’ll always have pictures.