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Caprese Summer

#microfarm caprese
#microfarm caprese

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This morning I picked one last San Marzano before yanking my spent tomato plants from the garden. It was a beautiful overcast day with the temp in SoCal finally dipping to a reasonable 75 degrees. I basked in the raindrop I thought I felt while standing outside coated in sunscreen.

This year I was blessed with some excellent tomato harvests. When I left for my Italy vacation in May, the little tomato plants I had stuck in the ground in March were just starting to get big. Many already had fruit on the verge of ripening. The thought of being away from them for 16 days was dispiriting. I was comforted only by the prospect of traipsing through Tuscany clothed in something cute and mildly practical, sipping local wines, and taking in the astounding scenery alongside my beloved. Continue reading Caprese Summer

Potato Harvest Day

freshly harvested microfarm potato
The Husband pulls a fresh potato from the microfarm grounds

Our annual microfarm potato harvest  is one of my favorite spring events. I love spending all morning outside. On my patio, wearing my fluffy pink bathrobe, I flip through fashion and food magazines and sip freshly brewed coffee in the shade of my giant turquoise umbrella while my husband pulls up potatoes. It feels so rustic!

The spuds were planted in December. The Husband has been waiting for the green potato tops (the stuff that grows out of the potatoes) to wither and die which means those babies are ready to come out of the ground. He gently digs and scoops around the  Continue reading Potato Harvest Day

If you overfeed your chickens, will they explode?

Did you ever have goldfish? If so, you probably received advice at some point about feeding them. You were told to take particular caution to not overfeed them. A goldfish will clean it’s plate (or bowl as the case may be) and whatever else you give it next. You may have been told that your goldfish could explode if it ate too much. Not a pretty picture.

Watching my chickens go about their day I sometimes wonder if they eat too much. It doesn’t seem to matter what time it is or how many snacks they’ve already had. Betty and Margot are always ready for more.

They are rambunctious in the morning. I open the coop to give them some yard time most days before I leave for work.

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Gazpacho, a tomato solution

Garden Fresh Gazpacho served al fresco
Garden Fresh Gazpacho served al fresco

What do you do when your garden has blessed you with pounds and pounds…and pounds of tomatoes, more than you can possibly eat? Gazpacho is one answer. Or you can share. But let’s start with gazpacho so you don’t have to. Well, not yet anyway. Not until garden production gets so out of control you dream you are a tomato and you’re going bad.

There are as many ways to make gazpacho as there are varieties of tomatoes. My Garden Fresh Gazpacho  recipe calls for fresh, in season tomatoes. I don’t like commercial tomato juice and I find it an unnecessary addition under ideal tomato circumstances. Can’t grow ‘em? Can you make it to a farmers’ market? During the summer I hope you are surrounded by tomatoes.

My gazpacho is on the mild side. I prefer a balance of spice and flavor and avoid palette-crushing volumes of peppers, onions and garlic. I want to taste my damn tomatoes. If you prefer things a little closer to hellfire, then by all means, increase your favorite ingredients. Be sure to have a tall, icy, alcoholic beverage on hand to quench your hot self.

I peel and seed my tomatoes. This is the most labor-intensive part of gazpacho preparation. It sounds psychotically difficult, but it isn’t. Wear an apron.

My Garden Fresh Gazpacho recipe yields 4 servings. It’s a great starter or side dish to your grilled shrimp or fish. Serve it topped with fresh cilantro, avocado, and a turn of the sea salt grinder. If you’re serving this to others (you know, sharing) set out the hot sauce and your lucky guests can customize their experience. Some like it hot.

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