When I moved to Los Angeles I anticipated a glitzy life of style, media and art. I never thought I’d find myself digging in the dirt. And yet here I am with dirt under my curtain call red mani on a quest to grow the perfect tomato.

I’ve always believed that change begins in your own backyard. Composting may not lead to world peace, but when you see that you can make your own dirt from stuff you would have otherwise sent to the landfill, you may experience joy, no matter how you’re dressed. And you’ll tell two people and they’ll tell two people and so on and so on.

Want to set your hair, curl your lashes, and feed your chickens before you leave for work? Arrive home, collect eggs from the coop, and prepare a meal from live food you’ve harvested yourself without destroying your outfit? Then you and I have something in common. Stick around. Maybe you’ll be inspired to compost, grow some of your own food, and prepare meals with panache. A word of caution; you may also be inspired to acquire shoes.

This is my story. Write in or leave a comment. What’s your backyard change story?